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EWM Inbound Delivery Order with 'Warehouse Partially Complete' with Quality inpsection

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Hi There,

We have a scenario received 5 HUs from the inbound delivery order with inspection lot.

4 HUs are usage decsion - acceptable, and putaway to normal bulk area.

1 HU has been rejected and putaway to blocking area.

Inbound delivery order has been good receipted, but I am still have the 'putaway partially complete', 'Warehouse Partially Complete' status showing on my IDO.

What I should do to make them completed?


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From the process perspective, you need to tell the system which storage type is the last storage type where the stock will be stored in putaway process. Once you confirm the WT into a bin in this storage type, then system knows that this is the last WT in the putaway process. Once the WT is confirmed, putaway status is set to completed and consequently the warehouse activity status for the inbound delivery is set to completed status.

Best regards

Janardhan S Musigeri