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EWM- Correction in Difference Analyzer - Customizing not maintained for Process COR

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Hi All,

Is there any configuration to support the Correction function in the Physical Inventory Difference Analyser, in addition to the 'Correction function permitted'?

I have already marked the 'Correction function permitted' for Specific PI settings in the warehouse.

I get the 'Customizing not maintained for Process COR' error message when tried to correct it.

/scwm/ui_diff 037

Any help would be appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have also been running into the same issue and I have yet to find a useful article describing this configuration.

After doing some digging through the configuration on my own I noticed that there is a setting to maintain a "reason for differences" that contains the "COR" process identified in the error message.

The SAP standard appears to have an entry in this table:

I have not tried this yet but I am hoping I'll be able to confirm this in the coming days.

You can find this node in the following path:

Extended Warehouse Management > Internal Warehouse Processes > Physical Inventory > Warehouse-Number-Specific Settings > Reason and Priority > Define Reason for Differences

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Thank you so much, Thomas.

Maintaining the Reason of Difference for Process COR worked. We can now make corrections to the entered count during the difference analyzer step. SAP posts the inventory correction document (711/712) for the original quantity and on top of that posts another 711/712 document with 'Difference Quantity'.

Again, thanks for pointing out the missing piece.

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