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EWM blind cycle count by bin (not product and/or batch)

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We're struggling with a bit of an issue right now with EWM.  We're getting feedback that we need to develop a custom solution for this.  But it just seems very odd to me that there is no way to do this out of the box or via config.  It seems like a very common need - "WMS 101" to me.  Any thoughts?

**Business Scenario**

Bin B01-01-01 has a physical pallet that has 40 batches of material X on it.   A user did a bin-to-bin move for material X,  batch 1234 for the full quantity of 10 to a new bin but never physically moved the stock.   Two days later, material X is cycle counted in bin B01-01-01.    Note: All batches are barcoded and pointing outward for scanning on all four sides of the physical pallet.

During the cycle count by WO, the user is directed to count material X, for a specific batch presented by the system.  The order of batches being presented causes the user to walk around the pallet searching for each batch to be scanned many times.  This is causing inefficiencies with counting a material that is batch managed when multiple batches exist in the bin / on a physical pallet.  

During an audit of this bin, it was found that the user missed counting the extra batch that was on the pallet as this batch 1234 was bin to bin moved in the system only, not physically moved.  According to the system the cycle count document was 100% counted, no differences.    The user explained that they are moving around the pallet so many times they cannot keep track of what batches are scanned and what batches are not.   A more efficient order of scanning batches is required for counting batch managed items within a bin / on a pallet.

**Requested Solution**

In this business case the user requires a more efficient process of scanning the batches for the batch managed material being counted within the bin / on a physical pallet.   The user needs the ability to scan the batches in the physical order found on the pallet.     Example:  40 batches on a pallet, since all barcodes are pointing outward 10 batch barcodes displayed on each side of the pallet.  This would allow the user to start on one side scanning from the top to bottom in physical order, entering each count after scanning each batch.   If the batch is not found on the inventory document, but is a valid batch in the system, the user should receive a message batch not found on inventory document.  Add batch for material X? Yes or No.   If yes the user will enter the count and continue to scan the remaining batches.

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