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EWM automatic cancellation of Inspection lot on GR reversal

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We have 2020 S4 Hana/EWM, with QM, the GR creates 04 and 17 inspection lot, but if we cancel GR, only 04 inspection lot is cancelled and not the 17.( as of now we are cancelling it manually)

Is there a way, which can cancel the inspection lot 17 in EWM when GR is reversed.

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With log origin 17 the GRR will only reduce the quantity. If you would like to cancel the inspection lot, you have to do it manually.

Usually the inspection log creation based on the GR. If the GRR would cancel the inspection lot then you cannot be able to create an another one, which is linked to the delivery.

So the process will only reduce the quantity, and if you post another GR in then the quantity in the inspection lot will be updated.

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