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[EWM advanced production integration] Goods receipt after egr to co-product gets stuck in queue SMQ2

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Hi all,

I have a quite strange error, the goods receipt for a co-product gets stuck in the SMQ2, the normal goods receipt for the finished product (same process order) works without any problems.

The error message is the following: HUGENERAL056

The inbound delivery is generated from an EGR document and goods receipt is posted.

I really have no idea where the error might be. The document type looks fine to me, the packing material is OK and when I post the same product with the same material as an external purchase goods receipt, I don't get any error message. Does anyone have an idea where I can look to help me identify the error or find the cause?

If any other information/screenshot is helpful just let me know!

Best regards and thank you for any information!


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Hello Jan,

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Hi Jan,

The problem is that HUGENERAL 056 can be raised with multiple root causes, most of the time the issue is that something is wrong with the insertion of delivery items. So ... Right now I am just trying to help in a general way 🙂

In my opinion, there shouldn't be any need to determine a delivery item here, as you say you are using advanced production integration, GR should be posted via material document and not via delivery. That's why I am already wondering why your queue is DLW* and not EWMGM*. Is that configured this way intentionally, do you need a delivery? If you want a delivery, can you check item type configuration on ERP side for packing relevance (Tx 0VLP)?

My best guess would be checking the process order and the configuration/reservation of the co-product item. Does it have a movement type? They way I know it, it should have movement type 531?

Did you post the finished product first and afterwards the co-product? If so, what happens if you post only the co-product?

Bonus question: Do you use batches?