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ECC->EWM interface - How to populate custom fields in EWM Append-structure?

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Hi all,

I need your help please, can anyone advise?

We have the following situation:

Outbound Deliveries are interfaced from SAP ECC to SAP EWM according to the standard set-up, using OutboundDeliverySPE.SaveReplica and OutboundDeliverySPE.DeliveryChange.

Now I have to send some extra SalesOrder-fields from the ECC SalesOrder to EWM, and put them into the EWM Delivery table.

According Note 351303 I am able to fill the structure EXTENSION1 on ECC side with the required data.

In EWM, I enhanced structure /SCDL/INCL_EEW_DLV_ITEM_STR with an APPEND-structure, containg the new Custom-fields. These are now visible and usable in table /SCDL/DB_PROCI_O


When debugging the Interface at that point, I can see that the segment  EXTENSION1 is succesfully received in EWM with the new data.

My question is: Where, when and how sould I extract the data from  EXTENSION1 and put them into the new APPEND-structure?

Do  I have to put them directly into the DB table ?(I assume not)

How is EWM handling these APPEND-structures?

Thank you!

Best regards, Walter.

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my requirement is also same.

1. please tell how to fill data with custom fields in idoc segments using EXTENSION1 on ECC side.

2. i am using EXIT_SAPLV50K_007 user exit in ecc.

3. please help how you solved  to transfer data from ECC to EWM.

please answer these

please answer .



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just check note: 351303 to populate et_extension1 and ~2 on ECC side.

On EWM-side you use Enhancement spot:  /scwm/es_esp_mapin

I implemented BAdi definition: /scwm/ex_erp_mapin_od_saverepl

method:    mapin      to read my custom fields from segment Extension1; There I put them into some custom-fields (Z-*) of a structure which is used in table /scdl/db_reqh and table /scdl/db_proch_o.

reg., Walter.

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Hi Van,

I have same requirement and i added the custom fields in table /SCDL/DB_PROCI_O, but i don't see custom fields visible in badi /SCWM/EX_ERP_MAPIN_OD_SAVEREPL changing structure CT_DLV_REQUEST.

Can please share how you overcome this issue.

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Hi Mazharuddin,

I am not working for that customer anymore, so I cannot login and check the BAdi-implementation, but I checked my own notes I wrote down.

This is what I did:

in EWM:

1)  Enhancing structure /scdl/incl_eew_dr_head_str      with Custom Z-fields.    This structure is used in table: /scdl/db/reqh

2)  Enhancing structure /scdl/incl_eew_dlv_head_str     with Custom Z-fields.    This structure is used in table:  /scdl/db_proch_o

3)  Implementing the BAdi /scwm/ex_erp_mapin_od_saverepl :   Populating the above Custom Z-fields visible in structure ct_dlv_request

So from my notes I would say that ct_dlv_request    is also referring to   /scdl/incl_eew_dr_head_str and  to   /scdl/incl_eew_dlv_head_str  .

Did you enhance the table /SCDL/DB_PROCI_O directly or did you enhance a structure that is used in this table?

That's all I 'remember'....

Good luck, Walter.

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Hi Van,

I Appended the structure /scdl/incl_eew_dlv_head_str in table /scdl/db_proch_o,

I even appended the structure /scdl/incl_eew_dr_head_str and tried to push data with z fields visible in structure /scdl/incl_eew_dr_head_str, but no luck.

You mentioned /scdl/incl_eew_dlv_head_str is referred in ct_dlv_request but i don't find it in there, may be i missed. Can you guide futher.

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Hi Van,

It did work, as you said. just append both structures.

Thank you