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Dump in Difference Analyzer when posting differences with serial numbers

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Hi Gurus,

I have a problem with a specific case when I post an inventory difference in Difference Analyzer:

We make an inventory of a specific storage bin. The storage bin only has units of a specific product wich is subject to serial numbers with type "C" serialization (Serialization in Stock, updated at storage bin level). 

There are 12 unit of the product at the storage bin. We count the inventory by entering 12 units in quantity, but on the serial numbers tab we change one serial number from our storage bin to one that is stored in another storage bin with another stock type (different storage locations in IM). The system shows a warning message with the text "Serial number 100000000000007 has already been assigned to storage bin 1A063". We count and post the inventory. 

Finally we go to Difference Analyzer to post the inventory differences. We introduce the product and the system shows two differences with red status:


If we try to post one of the differences, the system shows a error message with the text "Product is subject to serial number".

In the second difference, if we try to post the negative item the system shows us an error message with the text "Stock data of serial number 100000000000007 not suitable for movement". If we try to post the other item, the system shows the next dump:


If we try to post the item of the first difference, the system shows the same dump.

Can you help me with this issue?

Thank you so much.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


please try to implement the below note. The error is almost equivalent to your dump. SAP Note 3309444



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I implemented the note and the problem was solved.

Thank you very much