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DP transaction codes

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Hi Gurus,

I am new to demand planning, Please can you suggest me all demand planning transaction codes. Thanks.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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you should be able to see most of them under the menu for APO --> DP right??

just check on the settings for the technical names of the transactions and you can see it in the menu itself

in addition to the list ablove RSA1 is quite useful too for DP

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/SAPAPO/SDP94 Interactive Demand Planning

/SAPAPO/MSDP_ ADMIN Administration of Demand planning and Supply Network Planning

/SAPAPO/SDP8B Define Planning Book

S_AP9_75000138 Maintain Planning Calendar (Time Stream)

/SAPAPO/TR30 Maintain Time Buckets Profile for Demand Plng and Supply Network Plng

/SAPAPO/TR32 Periodicities for Planning Area

/SAPAPO/ADVM Macro Workbench

/SAPAPO/SDPPLBK Assign User to Planning Book

/SAPAPO/SDPUSET User Settings for Interactive Planning

/SAPAPO/SDPALPR Assign Planners to Alert Profiles

/SAPAPO/MC8V Calculate Proportional Factors

/SAPAPO/MC96B Maintain Forecast Profiles

/SAPAPO/MSDP_FCST2 Assign Forecast Profiles to a Selection

/SAPAPO/MSDP_FCST1 Lifecycle Planning

/SAPAPO/SDP_SEASON Seasonal Planning

/SAPAPO/MC7B Product Split

/SAPAPO/MC7A Location Split

S_AP9_75000146 Data Warehousing Workbench

RSPC Maintain Process Chains

/SAPAPO/TSCUBE Load Data from InfoCube

/SAPAPO/TSCOPY Copy/Version Management

/SAPAPO/RLGCOPY Data Realignment

/SAPAPO/MC8T Define Activities for Mass Processing

/SAPAPO/MC8D Create Demand Planning in the Background

/SAPAPO/MC8J Copy Demand Planning in the Background

/SAPAPO/MC8G Schedule Demand Planning in the Background

SM37 Job Overview of Demand Planning in the Background

/SAPAPO/MC8K Manage Job Logs

/SAPAPO/MC90 Release Demand Planning to Supply Network Planning

/SAPAPO/MP34 Promotion Planning

/SAPAPO/MP42 Promotion Management

/SAPAPO/MP41B Promotion Reports

/SAPAPO/MP32 Maintain Cannibalization Group

/SAPAPO/MP31 Maintain Promotion Attribute Types

/SAPAPO/MP33 Maintain Promotion Key Figures

/SAPAPO/MP40 Maintain Promotion Base

/SAPAPO/VERDELLD Delete Planning Version

/SAPAPO/VERCOP Copy Planning Version

/SAPAPO/MVM Model and Version Management

/SAPAPO/MAT1 Product

/SAPAPO/MC62 Maintain Characteristic Values

/SAPAPO/IPM01 Maintain Master Data for CBF

Hope so,it is useful for you.