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DP to SNP distribution

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Hi all,

I have query regarding quantity distribution from DP to SNP.

say for example; for 1 month forecast is 100.

then from DP to SNP we can have 25 each weeks.

but if i want to change that distribution as 35,25,20,20. can i do that?

if yes, how can i do that!!!




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jignesh,

Yes, if you are using SCM 5.0 you can do this using a distribution function.

In the distribution function you can select percentage factor for time based demand distribution. In this way you can distribute demand of week periods two day periods non prorated.

You need to assign this distribution function to a period split profile, in this period split profile you can set the number of periods, detailed level, starting periodicity and target periodicity.

Finally, you have to use this period split profile in your release profile.

May be this link can help you:

Time based demand distribution

As i know, this functionality is only in version 5 or newer.

I hope this can help you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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if you have a fixed pattern and have a mathematical calculation you can try to use macros to do this redistribution either in SNP or in DP before transfer (if you have same weekly buckets)

Another way is to use the time based disaggregation in the planning area admin. If you set type K here and use another KF as the basis and make sure that KF has the proportions then it should work when you do the transfer from DP to SNP