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DP Proportional factors total value.

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In DP i want know how it calculates the Proportional value?

Example :I have given Key Figure History as Basis for Proportional calculation with period 01092008 to 31122008

In Calcu prop for i have given period 01092009 to 31122009.

I have one material and two location say X and Y.

When i execute i get total value for each period is 10,000 at material level and at location level it splits properly that sum of both location is 10,000 but if change the history data sum at Material level always shows 10,000.

whether this 10,000 value is fixed some where?

I am know how proportional value at location is calculated i want know whether this 10,000 value is fixed some where?

Kindly let me know?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nikhil,

10000 is indeed the default value.

If this value is too small for you (if you have some rounding issue) can increase it.

Have a look at note 425741.

I hope it helps


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Hello Julien,

Thank u very much.....:)

Thanks & Regards,


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