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Door change in TU does not update in ODO

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Dear SAP gurus,

We have faced an issue concerning Door assignment in TU. Our plant needs to prepare the goods on the bay near the door 1 day in advance, the goods come from 2 different places. Some pallets are 1 material/1 batch (full pallets) and others are Pick-HUs built from small quantities of different materials and batches. These Pick-HUs are prepared even earlier and staged to the bay through an intermediate area (the forklifts that move around full pallet area are not allowed on pick-HU preparation area).

What sometimes can happen is that the final door where the truck arrives for loading differs from the door assigned to store the goods before loading. We are trying to build this scenario. We can change the door at the TU but the ODO does not change and therefore we cannot move the stock from preparation bay to the new preparation bay. Also when trying to manually move the stock to one bay to the new one, the system picks the stock and places it in the same bin.

Let us show our configuration.

Our picking process use POSC with following step: Pick, Pack, Stage, Load.

The TU is created before the start of the picking and ODO is assigned to it. The door is not assigned as we don’t know it at this stage.

We start the picking on our ODO, the POSC is trigger correctly and we perform step Pick and Pack. The Pick-HU is taken to an interchange area so the door is not needed when starting the process of preparation of the goods.

Then we assign the Door manually to the TU, but the Door is not updated in the ODO item which is creating issue for the Stage step.

Solution investigated:

We found this note but is not applicable to our version. EWM 9.5 standalone no TM integration apart from TU and doors. No yard management either.

2225494 - Door is not updated in the ODO header

For us, the need of changing the door is not that uncommon and also the need to start picking against the ODO before knowing the door is not uncommon either so, have you had a case like this? How did you solve it?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards

Iris Ladera

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Iris,

If one or more deliveries are assigned to a TU, and a door is assigned to the TU, a synchronization and a delivery update takes place, and the door assignment is also updated for the assigned deliveries.

However, if the door assignment is deleted at the TU level, there is no automatic synchronization and delivery update. The deliveries keep the original door assignment. Synchronization has to be initiated by the user.

Delivery is updated only as long as warehouse activity did not start for an item. For your example the warehouse activity already started, so door and staging are not updated any longer, even with synchronization.

Door can be mass changed on the delivery:

  1. Customizing activity: Transaction /SCWM/STADET_A S S (sorry for writing it like this, otherwise I can not submit the answer)
  2. Enable Door access with field: Access via Door
  3. Open the delivery in /SCWM/PRDO (it would be the same with /SCWM/PRDI)
  4. On item level, use "Mass Change" button
  5. Enter new Warehouse Door
  6. Click OK