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Don't want Posting Change Split from EWM to ERP

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    We've created a posting change in ERP to indicator the movement in one warehouse.

    But when there is one item in the PC(ERP, type DTR) and in EWM the item split to two bins, after WTs are all confirmed, the error message 'Document ******** cannot be distributed into ERP system.' occured.

    I know now it's the message that EWM want ERP to split the DTR doucment to two documents.


    I don't want the system to split the DTR and only want the whole posting.(can generate two or more material document in ERP as ID did).

    Is there anyone who can give some solution to fulfill my requirement above?

    Thank you.

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Sorry ,I made a mistake.

   When there is only one item in DTR, whether it is splited in WO, there is no error message.

   But when there is more then one item(e.g. two items), and one of them is splited to two lines because of different bins, error occures when we confirmed the WO.

   Is there any idea to solve the problem without split DTR?

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can you please check in Interfaces - ERP Integration - General Settings - Set Control Parameters for ERP Version Control

In Goods movement block, there is

"Send Posting Change message after the GR message"

Is your current settings set to 1 ?



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I've tested blank and 1 in this  "Send Posting Change message after the GR message" field, but it has no effect.

Thanks for your advice.

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Hi, were you able to avoid the split of split of a posting change delivery ?

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I am facing the same ERRO above. Is there any idea to solve the problem?