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Does every storage bin needs an activity area?

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Hello everyone,

does every storage bin need an activity area? Or is it possible to use a storage bin without assigned activity area?

And how does it change when I want to use all the storage types as aprt of a queue?

Thanks for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

Hi Jan, you can use your bins without activity areas, this is not a must to have. But usually it is required for some stuff. It be empty during queue determination. You can use additionally bin access type to control queue. It is little bit unclear what do you mean with use all storage types as a part of the queue, do you mean you want all the warehouse orders to be in a same queue? You can control queue with process type as well.

Without AA it be harder to use proper WOCR for your Picking WHO. You cannot do inventory without AA. And you need AA for cross line putaway. For sure for the sorting of the WTs, but if you have no WOCR it is not a problem anymore 🙂

Consolidation group as well coming with AA. RF Verification as well. Not sure if I remembered all what is needed 🙂

But in some cases it could be not needed. Goods receipt bin, or maybe work center, some technical bins maybe.



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