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Disallow putaway of the Inspection Lots without Usage Decision in SAP EWM

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Hello experts,

In our warehouse, the inspection is done retaining the stock in Storage Type 9010. So there is no POSC involved.

In a typical case, where the inspection lot is accepted after the QM inspections, the process goes like this->

Goods Receipt is posted -> Inspection Lot created in 9010-> Usage Decision Posted -> EWM Follow up action triggered -> Putaway of the Quality accepted stock.

However, users can technically already create the Putaway tasks even before the Usage Decision is posted. This way we get stock which is under Quality Inspection, and is also linked to an Inspection Lot moved from 9010 to its final putaway bin. However, as the quality inspection team needs special equipment for the quality inspection, this stock needs to be brought back from the final bin - practically to the 9010 Storage Type.

So, the requirement, is -> is there a way in SAP EWM to disallow the putaway of the Inspection Lots?


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Hi Rahul,

You can setup the below config to achieve this functionality:


Nikhil Negi

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Hello Nikhil,


This node did not really help me stop the users from 'creating' a putaway warehouse task if there is an active inspection lot, and no UD is yet posted. However, what I could manage to do is that I could stop users from 'confirming' such Putaway tasks.

I used the option 'availability group' for this purpose:

In our case, system changes the availability group when I confirm the WTs, and hence it gives the error message during confirmation only.

Though the business can accept it as a workaround, is there any other way to use this customization to really stop the 'creation' of the Putaway Tasks?

Thanks in advance!