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Differentiate between Dep STR's and SNP Heuristic STRs's in ECC

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Hi All,

Could anyone tell me how to differentiate between deployment STR's and SNP Heuristic STR's in ECC as both have the same number series and are displayed as PRqRel

Well the scenrio is i am using SNP Heuristics to transfer the demand from Depot to M. Plants

and Deployment to create Dep STR's. I am publishing the deployment results as STRs in ECC.

Now Deployment is for a week's horizon.

I need to club various dep STRs for a particular product line to make 1 STO.

how can the Dispatch / SD person identify which are the Dep STR's to convert into STO.

Ps: Not using TLB. and i have to publish the SNP Heuristic STR's in ECC.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nitin -

You can try doing couple of things. It would be dependent on the frequency of your SNP heuristic( and stock transfer horizon) and Deployment. Lets say your Stock transfer horizon is 1week and lets say deployment pull horizon is 1 week and you are running deployment on a daily basis, you would not have any SNP stock transfers in the first one week and its a matter of training the user to convert Preqs for a week or 2.

Second thing, if this is absolutely necessary and critical ,then you can try to implement a CIF user exit which based on the Category of the Stock transfer( SNP Heuristic or Deployment) block the status of the SNP stock transfer in the STATUS tab so that it cannot be converted.



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