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Difference between SNP Plan And SNP PPM

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Hi All,

Please some one clarify, is there any difference between SNP Plan and SNP PPM ???



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Answers (3)

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Hi Prasad,

1) SNP PPM:-

The Production Process Model (PPM) defines the detailed information required for manufacturing a product. It combines the routing and the bill of material into one master data object. The PPM has validity parameters by lot size and time intervals. The variable costs defined for a PPM includes the costs of input material as well as the cost of production. The PPM for SNP requires less information that the PPM for Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS). Each PPM includes one or more operations. Each operation includes one or more activities, the components consumed or produced by the activity, primary and alternative resources used by the activity, and the sequence of the activities within the operation.For each activity, you can maintain several modes, that is, several alternative (primary and secondary) resources at which the activity may be processed. The system selects a mode, depending on the resource availability and the priority that you assigned to the mode.

2) SNP Plan:-

Describes the production process for manufacturing one or more products on a non-order-specific basis. A PPM plan consists of BOM and routing data from SAP R/3.In a PPM plan for SNP (SNP PPM), you can only specify the duration of the activities in buckets. You can only assign one mode to each activity.

In the PPM plan, you assign the product flow to the activity that is on the container resource that is used for filling or removing products. You can define one or more product flows for an activity, but you can only assign each logical component to one activity per PPM plan. If you want to assign the same logical component several times, you have to use different PPM plans


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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PPM is the source of supply for Inhouse Production scenarios. A PPM is based on the PPM plan. The PPM plan describes which process steps and components are required to manufacture the output products from the plan on a non-order-specific basis. You define a PPM for each output product of a PPM plan. In the PPM, you define the validity conditions for the usage of the PPM plan. A PPM plan consists of BOM and routing data from SAP R/3.

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Production Process model (PPM) is the combination of BOM and Routing. For a inhouse production component with Procurement Type "E" or "X" under the MRP4 view/ Work Scheduling you have to maintain the production version. Production version in ECC is actually the production Plan. For a single material you may have different production versions. When you create a prodcution version you are assiging the Bom usage and Routing to that material in MRP 4 view.

When you CIF this to APO it will be identified as PPM if you have selected to transfer BOM+Routing in CFM1 (Create integration model)

Now coming to your point SNP Plan # is the plan number of PPM.Always when you CIF BOM+Routing it look like Example NXXXXXXXAAYYYYMaterial#

N-Standarad Routing


AA-Group counter

YYYY produciton version

Material# - Material.

SNP Plan is nothing but the SNP PPM plan number. The duration of individual step that is in buckets

PPDS Plan is nothing but the PPDS PPM plan numbe. The duration of individual step that is in acurate to seconds or milliseconds.

Plan is sequential procedure/work steps for producing a component.