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Difference Analyzer - Why two Entries for the same product?

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Hello everyone,

I did a inventory and did only count the first position, exactly like it was in the monitor. I didn't count the second one on purpose to check the difference analyzer. When I entered the Analyzer it looked like this. The lower entry with the 100 quantity difference is obvious. But what about the upper two? The entries are exactly the same with the only difference beeing the alternative quantity unit of measure. In the monitor the quantity was written in KG. Thats how I counted it as well. Where does the system get the 20 KAR quantity from? It seems like the system is just swapping the quantity unit of measure in the erp.

Thanks for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jan,

You posted it in different UoM (+500KG as Karton and -500KG just as KG).

If you post it from DA on Header level it should not be posted on ERP side.

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