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Determination of stock type type Once Delivery is moved from ERP to EWM system

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Dear Experts

I have create one Inbound Delivery in SAP ERP system and storage location I have used is (1000-ROD location).

This Delivery came to EWM system and at the item level we can see that the stock type is F1.

I just wanted to understand that how F1 is selecting as stock type.Below is the mapping of stock types with availability group

In below screen it can be seen that Availability group 001 is mapped with many stock types but system is selecting only F1 when we move Inbound Delivery from ERP system to EWM system

Inbound Delivery where stock type is F1 selected by system once the delivery is pushed from SAP ERP system to EWM system

Below are the availability groups in config

Below is the mapping of storage location from ERP system to EWM

Need expert advice on this .Thanks in Advance.

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there are four standard stock type in ERP which are as follows:

1. ERP:- Unrestricted --> EWM:- FF (FF,BB,QQ,RR are called as NON LOCATION DEPENDENT ST - NST)

2. ERP:- Quality ---------> EWM:- QQ

3. ERP:- Blocked --------> EWM:- BB

4. ERP:- Returns --------> EWM:- RR

As you can see above

1. Unrestricted turn to FF & with respect to Availability group 001 it turns to F1

& F1 turns to F2 with respect to availability group 002

same like above

QQ turns to Q4 from Q3

BB turns to B6 from B5 &

RR turns to R8 from R7

while creating the PO in ERP we can choose the stock type line Unrestricted, quality inspection, blocked & returns. and then the system automatically applies the NST as per selection and appears in Inbound delivery.

after GR once the goods are placed in BINs OR upon successful completion of warehouse task, the system automatically changes the status from F1-F2, Q3-Q4 etc.

hope above will clarify more to you.

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Hello pdinesh5912 ,

Thanks for your detailed information .It helped a lot.