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Detecting negative ATP situations in APO

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Hi all, it's me again.

Might anyone have anything to say about this?

We run a production plant in which we plan production tightly to SD orders. We do not run make to order, but we do run CTP in APO alongside with capacity planning in APO.

This means that production(planned orders) is planned tightly to the incoming SD orders and we generally do not carry much stock if any at all.

At times it can happen that planned orders get moved for some reason, or an existing production order gets used to serve some other order than the SD order is was planned for. This generates a situation where ATP (as defined in the ATP tab in APO) becomes negative for a given time/quantity.

This means that incoming orders get served badly and we also cannot deliver since the delivery ATP check of course cannot confirm anything if the situation is negative.

We cannot replan our planned orders since we're often running with near full capacity on our resources, if we replan we fear that the orders will get moved around completely meaning that dates will change for everything nightly. This is no good when trying to follow the SD orders.

My question is this: Can you think of a way to detect these situations that do not involve checking every single codenumber by hand? We can find it with CO09 or similar, but that is only for 1 material at a time.

Ideally we'd need a way to show us all materials where ATP goes into negative. I've looked some into ATP alerts, but they only seem to be relevant for ATP checks that fail, which is not what our issue is (the check does not fail, it's just wrong or late).

There are a number of RRP* reports that are very good but none of them have anything about the ATP situation.

My only other idea is some sort of "mass CO09" with a frontend that can fire off ATP checks to APO and displaying them nicely.

We're running a rather old APO 4.1

Any ideas to offer?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are using CTP, then the ATP problem is also a planning problem.  Use one of the PP/DS alerts.

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I'm currently looking into if the Over/underconfirmation alerts could help. Will report back.

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These do not seem to work, they're not aimed at what we need.

However it seems that if we switch to plan after confirmed date, the too late/too early alerts in PPDS could actually help since we would then be running the planning situation very close to the ATP situation.

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