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Description with capital letters ignored in IBP excel

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Came across a really strange issue. Updating the Product Description in master data, but it´s ignored in the planning view. 
4 examples and only the first, highlighted doesn´t work. If the first word in the description is all capital letters it´s ignored. But adding X or even a space it´s displayed correctly in the planning view.  


This is regardless of excel version, we tried with 2308, 2311 and 2402. 
Versions are not active in this PA. 

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Hi @christianhjerp,

See Product Description is a root attribute in any of the planning level. If that's the case, it is really worse and you have to look for planning objects that already holds first word with different name and delete them.

Realignment option can also be used in such case.

Best Regards,


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We are loading the master data through CI-DS.
Could be a user error in creating a planning object including the description. But we are not able to find any issues in regards to that. 
We have raised it as an OSS to SAP as well.