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Delayed /early pick up and delayed/Early Delivery

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As far as I know the dates from sales order (shipper scenario) are copied to Freight units. While during optimize run, the pickup or delivery dates can be early or delayed and is reflected in Fright orders.

I need to know what are those factors responsible for populating early or delayed pick up or early/delayed delivery dates in Freight order. for eg in sales order, the loading date is 25.2.23 but in FO, the loading date could be 26.2.23.

So what causes this and what are the settings in TM which enables optimiser to calculate delayed/early pickup/delivery dates in FO ?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Sachin,

what causes this is the combination of all planning constraints the optimizer gets. For example you set up the optimizer in a way that building full truckloads with a lot of different customers is cheaper(which in reality makes sense), but due to visiting multiple customers it is not possible to visit every single on exactly when he requested it, but as long as the delay costs(also based on your setup) to add this customer stop to the tour is cheaper than creating a complete new Freight Order(depends on fix cost for every tour). Optimizer will add freight unit to this tour, while not violating any time, quantity etc. constraints.