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Dead stock reports in APO

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Since the dead stock reports in ECC influenced by safety stock (transaction MC50), and in APO there is new way to calculate safety stock (based on planning table and not static), i wonder if there are new dead stock reports which consider the safety stock definitions in APO?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure what you mean by "dead stock".  If it is calculated as stock on hand - (safety stock + sales) or something similar then what I would do is ensure there was a data view that contained those key figures and then add another key figure for dead stock.  I would then create a macro to perform the appropriate calculation and put the result into the new key figure.  You could set that macro to run automatically when you are at the correct drill down level (location and product) so that when you load a selection and do a "drill-down all" then you get the dead stock figure calculated.  You can then restrict the key figures on screen to just those you want to see.

Alternately, you could calculate "dead stock" in a macro that runs in the background which is used to create an alert.  This means creating a new alert type.  The advantage of this is that you get better performance and also you can filter the alert monitor to just your dead stock alert and then download the results if you want to.

If you want more traditional reports out of APO, it is better to export the data to BI and create reports there. 

Hope this helps



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