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Data Verification techniques

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We have a custom table that is column based. There are about 60 columns. We have a problem with this table due to regular addition of fields into it and sum total of lengths of all fields will exceed standard SAP limitation of 4030 characters. So I am planning to retire this table and create a new row based with just 3 columns and migrate all data from the existing table (column based) to new table (row based). Attached is the sample table format for existing and new tables. In the existing table, there are about 800 million entries and when I move all these records to the new table, it may translate to somewhere around 4.5 billion records. I am not concerned with this increase in the number of entries in the new table as we have archiving in place and it won't grow uncontrollably. A new utility program is being developed to move the data from existing table to the new table. But my question is, after I have moved all the data, what are the options to verify if everything got really moved to the new table? Getting a dump all these entries and then comparing it won't be possible due to very high volume. Just note that this in OER box, not ECC.

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