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Data is locking during background job run

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I am executing 2 background jobs in one planning area to copy the data from one time series key figure to another time series. Where ever the value of source key figure is zero it is giving me error saying the CVC is locked by user ID who triggered the job. The same 2 jobs when I ran through process chain, the chain status is showing as fail. But inside, the job status shows green. Not understanding how to resolve this

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Hello Yogeesha,

Since note 1250385, in standard, if the batch job ends with an error, a success message is still thrown at the end of the job. If the error is a major error, then the process chain status is turned red.

The BAdI /SAPAPO/SDP_BATCH method CHANGE_STATUS allows the user to read the batch log, and sets the Process Chain status accordingly. Correction Note 1037880 described the input and output parameters of this BAdI method. This can be the solution to overcome the red status.

Locking is because you are using the same planning area and it is trying to edit the same CVC i think.

In general

The selected data is currently locked by user XXX

Message no. /SAPAPO/SDP222

can be avoided by choosing a proper value for the parameters /SAPAPO/MAP_REPROCES (define how many attempts to reprocess) /SAPAPO/MAP_WAIT_SEC (define the wait time between each retry) for the executing user coming from the notes 1311785 and 1328482 respectively.

Try with the above solution and let me know if it works.

Thanks and Regards,