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CVC Maintenance

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This is about CVC maintenance. Can you please explain me how do companies that use Demand planning maintain their CVCs. SAP has a provision to delete CVCs using MC62, but the question is

1. From more than a million CVCs, How do we identify obsolete CVCs?

2. How to identify and get a count of CVCs that do not have data in it?

3. After identifying, how to delete them at one go, do we have to do it manually using MC62 or is there a better way to do it?

4. I suppose that not deleting these obsolete CVCs will reduce the accuracy of foreast results since disaggregation will happen even for the unused CVCs? I hope I am on the right track, please correct me if I am not

5. Is there a procedure where we can automate this process of deleting obsolete CVCs on a regular basis?

I am not aware of any standard functionality in APO DP that does the above things.



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There is a functionality in APO-DP called Realignment. It is good tool that can be used creatively to reduce CVCs. Of course Business Users will have to help in identifying obsolete CVCs since they will know which products are no longer being sold/planned, which sales offices are no longer in use and so on.

Suggest you look into this post on




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