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customer account for collect

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Hi Experts,

I am facing an urgent issue where a customer account number for collect is being copied when I enter sold-to-party in sales order with pop-up. But i am dont know from where this number is coming from. i have checked with vcust and in customer master but i couldn't find it. This number is used against billing with customer.


this number is copied to text field in header but customer is deleting the field and saving sales order so company can provide free firght, but still this field is copied to delivery. when i tried to make changes in text determination, the pop-up itself not comming. Please help me on this.


Siva prasad


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Active Contributor

Not because of standard configuration but because of some validation set in sale order.  Set a breakpoint in MV45AFZZ and again try to create a sale order and see which custom validation triggers this numerical value.  Discuss with your ABAP team

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Hi Lakshmipathi, we have implemented Badi : DELIVERY_PUBLISH Method : PUBLISH_AFTER_SAVE in delivery to acheive this requirement. Thank you.