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Custom field in INVOICE screen

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Hi everyone,

I have a requirement to add a custom field in the CREATE INVOICE screen in the INVOICE HEADER under the section "Unplanned Delivery Costs".

Can anyone please let me know what are the steps for adding the custom field?

Any inputs are highly appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srm_Tech,

Let me answer your question.

Firstly you need to learn how to find Web Dynpro Components in the Web screens.

You can go to relevant area of extension which you require and then right click on the page. You will see list actions including "Technical Help". Click on that part to see the details:

In this page, you can find the component name under "Current View": /SCF/INVOICE_HEADER

Now go to your SAP transaction se80 and find the component as shown below:

There is an old but useful document which explains the technical part:

Good luck with your extension...

Best Regards,

Selim Batur

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Hi Selim,

I already checked the document link you provided and as per it, the INVOICE create(supplier view) cannot be enhanced using the steps mentioned in that document as shown below.

Any idea how the SAP enhancement framework can be used to achieve this requirement?

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Hello Again,

This transaction is used to enhance SNC screens.

You can unselect the checkbox and take some ABAP consultant's help to create required Screen layout under Invoice Create part.



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