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CTP - Planning direction "Forward"

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Hello experts.

Anyone knows how to make the CTP using the planning direction to Forward?

The standard are "backward" or  "backward+reverse".

For example:

Week 38 - Free capacity

Week 39 - 100% occupied.

Week 40 - Free capacity

Week 41 - Free capacity

if the sales order is created on Week 40, the planned order will be created at week 38.

Our customers don't want stay with stock during 2 week (even 1 day allowed).

They prefer delaying the order instead maintain stock.

I'm trying fix the resources during the ATP, works (I'm testing now) but if there is a better solution,  i would know

Best regards


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Hi Marcelo.

Did you checked option of planning direction "Forward" under Strategies of your CTP Strategy Profile.

I believe you should able to get desired results with that, please check and let me know if this helps and otherwise also .



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Hi Marcelo,

in addtion to that consider the settings in the product master:

Maximum Earliness of a Receipt

and even more important for CTP net requirement planning

Alert Threshold for Earliness

BR Frank

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Thanks buddys..

But i tried all theses recommendations.

Sourabh, if you change the CTP direction to forward, the CTP raises an error and change the direction to backward. You can check the CTP heuristics too, no one works forward.

Frank, changing time pegging times will made the SCM looses pegging relatioship.

I implement the CTP + Fixing resources. This solve our problem(But not in standard way).

Best Regards


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Hi Marcelo,

You issue seems resolved..

but i still would like to know what the '

Maximum Allowed Earliness for a Receipt Element'

could not helped you. If you maintain just 2 week period here (in hours)48 hours.  Then in your case, system will not use the receipts from Week 38 and will go reverse (in case of backward reverse).

I hope it should work fine. Can you please enlighten us what is the issue in this case:?

and what is mean by CTP +fixing resource?  where do you fix the resource and how it helped... your answers will help everyone  .. and increase my knowledge around the subject. Please do share your solution too.

I did checked:  in CTP heuristic / shortage heuristic (SAP_PP_003).. we dont have option for forward scheduling.. but logically it make sense too.. We should be checking capacity back dates from the requirement date always Right?  if not then go forward...  no one will start from forward as such atleast in case of immediate planning (it means these are critical and we want to schedule them as soon as orders are received).  So not giving forward option does make huge sense. hope you agree.



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Hello Pravin.

During the session of CTP. I fixed the resource until the date i want. This force the CTP to go Forward in the planning direction.

Best regards

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Per my understanding this will have to be a custom development. The CTP process will try to use up the free capacity first & doesn't care about the earliness of the receipt it creates.

Group can correct if my understanding is not right..