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CTM and Deployment categories

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Dear Experts,

We want to use SNP deployment over the CTM.  However CTM creates stock transfers in BD category (BC category at source location).

We have maintained the categories AG (and BH at source location) for stock transfers in the CTM customizing (/SAPAPO/CTMCUST).

One observation is that if locations at both ends of T-Lane is a plant (loc type 1001), CTM correctly creates Stock transfer requisitions in AG and BH categories.  But when the location at either end of T-Lane is MRP area, CTM creates STRs with BD/BC categories.

SNP deployment does not take distribution demands of BC category.

Kindly suggest.

Nitin Thatte

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nitin,

MRP AREA is considered to be a storage location within a plant, Thus the demand arisen on MRP AREA will possible created as RESERVATION as the demand from Storage Location is particularly mean for special process within that storage area and it cannot be considered as a demand of whole plant/DC.

BD/BC category is for Stock Transfer Reservations.

If you want to change the BD/BC to AG/BH then try doing that using GATP EDQA if its serves your purpose without disturbing any existing processes.

Just my thoughts



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Problem is solved by adding BD category in the key figure assignment in planning area.

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