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CTM-Aggregated Planning for AFS scenario

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Hi All,

Below is the scenario

I have one header (FG1) and many sublevel(FG1B,FG1L,FG1K) .The scenario I am talking is related to AFS.

I can see my hierarchy correctly in transaction- Maintain hierarchy for  location product.

In CTM Under aggregation I used below setting.

Planning Level: Header Level


Location Product:assigned above hierarchiy.

I created demand for sublevel FG1B,FG1L and FG1K.

When I use demand simulation it is not showing any demand at header level.Expectation is it should aggregate demand from lower level to header level and plan accordingly.

I am not able to understand what I am missing.

Need help in resolving this.


Raghavendra Pai

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raghavendra,

Check the first note in below link. Also cross check the master data set-up etc. as described.

Aggregated Planning with CTM - SAP Library

Let us know what's the case i.e. it resolved your issue.

Also check SAP note 1446894 topic "AFS-SNP: CTM -Enhanced Aggr. Planning". The scenarios which are not supported. I hope you are not trying for one of those.

1446894 - Implementation recommendations EhP1 for APO 7.0 SNP,CTM,VMI



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Issue resolved as I was not maintaining location hierarchy correctly.

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