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COpying time series data between 2 SNP Planning Areas with different UoM

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We have 2 different SNP Planning Areas with different UoM. I have a situation here wherein I have to copy TIME SERIES data from one of these SNP PA to the other. If I try to do that using /sapapo/tscopy I get an error saying "No SNP Master data table found". (The UoM converison has been maintained)Questions:

1). Is it possible to copy TS data b/w two SNP Planning AReas with different UoM

2). Is there any other standard Tx to achieve this

3). Anything else I can do (preferably with minimal development involved)

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can copy transaction data between planning areas if the UOm conversion is maintained in Product master for the products that you are transferring data for.

You can maintain alternative UOM and conversion in your R/3 material master and CIF it to APO or maintain directly in APO but would be overwritten by R/3 material master UOMs once the integration model is activated.

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