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Copy function with cumulative (YTD) figures in SEM-BCS 6.0

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to congifure the copy function with cumulative input

In version 100 (actuals) I have loaded a periodic value for p1-12 of 2008

At the end of the year the users want to copy only the cumulative values, ie p12 YTD

This should post to p12, 2008 version 200 (with no change in group currency)

I have tested the configuration in BCS to copy the periodic values no problem (eg p1, v100 copies to p1, v200 when it is configured as input type = periodic)

However, when I choose cumulative (settings: input type = cumulative), the figures don't make any sense.

1. is there something I am forgetting to do?

2. I thought of a source selection (p1-12) and target selection (p12) but the period characteristic is not available in the selection tab.

3. is there a mapping I can set up?

Thanks for any help, I have lots of BCS experience and I'm happy to help with any other problems you may have - let me know.

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Hello, Yazoo!

I dealt a lot with a copy issue recently.

I don't think that you defined something wrongly.

About the selection of source tab page, you need to choose in parameters version 200 because it is your target version in a copy method, then it will be available for entries. I don't think you need to do any mapping here.

What exactly does not make any sense in a data? PLS check as Dan suggested period 00.

What posting level you copy?

You can not copy at once all PL, first you copy PL 00-10 by defining a copy method with data type "All posting levels" but in a task you specify a Processing type - per consolidation unit". In order to copy PL 20, 30 you need to use another method that uses "Data type - Documents", one task for PL 20 that with Processing type - two sided, and another task for PL 30 with Processing type - per consolidation group.

Hope it will help.

Good luck.


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Hi Yazoo,

I agree withe above guys, sounds like you have configured correctly.

However, as you are cumulatively copying to one period only (I assume with with delete mode) to p12, perhaps you need to to delete test data from ALL periods to give yourself a clean slate?

You can do this in the workbench, other functions.

Check your totals list before copying to ensure values are actually zero before your next test.

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Hi Yazoo,

If you want to copy documents with cumulative input type, the system will make sure that at the end of the copy, the YTD value in the source is equal to the YTD in the target, and this, for the same doc type and same company.

So if you already have data in the target before the copy execution, the system may post some "CORR" lines to have the correct YTD amount at the end.

Hope it helps