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Controlling Outlier correction

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If APO-DP forecasting, can we control the outlier correction by giving limits. I mean I want to tell system to atmost cut down the history to so much value during the outlier correction.

Do we have any control on that? Actually any control on outlier correction except Median or Expost method for correction?


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The exact control limits in Outlier Correction is internally coded in SAP. I dont think there is any external configuration. There are setting in SPRO though with which you can influence some aspects of Outlier correction. In case you want a very custom-specific correction, you should be able to do this by using Stat functions available in Macros. You can even set control limits with those macros. So you would need one more History Key Figure that is macro determined. And this macro determined adjusted key figure can be used to do stat forecast.

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Hi Visu,

As far as we tested it is only possible to be done working with the Sigma paramter when updating the univariate profile. We always work with this factor to relax the outlier correction.

Quoting SAP Help:

Sigma Factor

The system uses the sigma factor to correct outliers in the historical data on which the forecast is based. The smaller the sigma factor, the more values are identified as being outliers and are corrected.


Make an entry if you wish the sigma factor to be other than 1.25. SAP recommends that you set the sigma factor at between 0.6 and 2.0. Otherwise, a sigma factor of 1.25 is used automatically.

Best regards,

Carlos Rodriguez