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Clearing item - Cons PC

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Hello all,

I thought untill today that it is impossible to post manual entry to clearing cons PC item. This is the item I use as a clearing item in document type for Cons PC clearing.

I thouths it ia an automatic item and I can not post to it directly.

Today I was able to post manual entry to this item. This is suppose to solve the problem with rounding differences arised by translation.

What do you think about it?


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I opened OSS about it and the answer I got is like this:

You should be able to post directly to the cons unit clearing in case

you include the correct values during manual posting. Or, if you do not

enter this item during manual posting, it should be automatically added

by the system.

I think, that it might make sense to use the cons unit clearing even

on PL 10 if you need to enter a document which involves different

cons unit combinations.

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Hi scottsman,

where I can change it?

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You can change it in the document type - remove it from all document types.

So looknig at the messages received in my system and from your OSS message, the answer must be that you can post manually to this account as long as it is the correct cleaering amount, eg:

COmpany 1000 PC AB100 Account "Sales" -100

COmpany 1000 PC AB200 Account "Expenses" +100

Austomatic Clearing entered by the BCS system:

Company 1000 PC AB100 Account "Clearing" +100

Company 1000 PC AB200 Account "Clearing " -100"

I checked again in my system and I could post to either the first 2 lines or all 4 lines by myself.

Therefore I retract my earlier statement, you can post to the clearing item

NB I have had the error message "wrong value to automatic clearing item xxxxxx" but checking again, it occurs when the value on "clearing" has been altered to no longer make any sense

- ie the clearing item no longer clears the values in the document!

Wrong value on automatic clearing item xxxxxx

Message no. UCD1013


Values were specifed for the clearing item xxxxxx. In this case, the balance of the document must be zero for balance sheet items and income statement items for each consolidation unit (when posting with levels 20, 22, 23, 24 per combination of consolidation unit and partner unit). This is not true in this case.

System Response

Entry cannot be posted.


Change the line items for clearing item xxxxxx, or

Do not specify line items for the clearing item:

Then, the values are automatically calculated for the clearing item.

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Hi Scotsman,

Thank you very much for your reply.

You suggested to remove clearing cons unit item from all document types. I tested it.

The conclusion is that if I want to prevent postings to this item I should not enter clearing cons unit item in document type.

In the other hand, if I want to allow the posting I should specify this in document type.

The strange thing is that I work in BCS for 3 years and I always thought it is impossible to post to this item and I said it to the client without really checking it, and they were angry with me. But my colleagues in a team thought so as well, and so did you.

Ok, thank you very much again.

Best regards, Lilia

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It is not possible in my current system.

The message says something like "wrong value at automatic posting item xxxxxx"

Have you changed configuration to remove the automatic clearing item from use?