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CIF Exits with weird behaviour after support package

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We´re working with APO 5.0 and recently we imported support package 14. Is there any possibility this system change could impact CIF´s Exits behavior? After the SP, our integration models are sending only one item to APO. If we create a model with two materials, for example, none of them go to APO.

Thanks in Advance!

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Daniel Paiva.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Daniel,

Check the selection condition of Material integration model .

In Material Integration model on the right hand side (selection window) what kind of MRP Type it is trying to send ( e.g. X0,etc ) and check what in MM03 , Mrp view1 of that material, which is not going to APO.

is there any difference or

It may be possible that this material is not extended to that specified location.



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