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Checklist Assignment and Prefill using Proaxia Connector

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Hi All

The issue I am facing is related to Proaxia Connector and is related to Checklist Assignment and Prefilling from S/4HANA.

I have properly created a Checklist Condition and assigned it to my checklist, see attached photos. however when I create a work order with the correct information (as specified in the config tables), instead of basic type /PACG/ECM_ITYPE_CHECKLST_D_OUT as explained in Proaxia documentation (link below), this message /PACG/ECM_ITYPE_CL_AS S. is activated. This doesn't work for the assignment of the checklist t to my activity in FSM.

I have also activated the event for checklist in the configuration table.

How do I get this /PACG/ECM_ITYPE_CHECKLST_D_OUT message activated. Is there a configuration I am missing?

Link to Proaxia Documentation

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Hi Ava Shabani,

for the Smartform Instance prefilling funtionality we have implemented the following BADI;

And the message type to use in the filter is the one shown here:

The automatic creation of Smartform Instances (not using the prefilling functionality) did not work. According to Proaxia there might be something wrong in the FSM Cloud.

Best regards,