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Changing the weight of packages (created in EWM) in freight units and freight orders

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Hello experts,

We're using both TM and EWM (advanced shipping and receiving) and are trying to alter packaging data in a freight order. About the process: EWM steps are executed before TM is involved, which means that warehouse tasks and packaging is done in EWM. As soon as the status "shipping readiness" is set, the packaging information is sent from EWM to the relevant freight unit.

As of right now, the packaging in the freight unit can't be changed. What I would like to do is change the gross weight of that package. Is there a way to enable this?

One step later when the freight units are assigned to a freight order, I can add a new package and add all existing packages to this new package. I could change the tare weight of that new package, but not its gross weight. Can that be made possible? So far I couldn't find relevant documentation for both cases. (Well, technically both cases are the same case, as it's about changing weight data in TM of packages created in EWM)

Kind regards,


Hi Tim,

It sounds like you are using ASR execution driven process because warehouse actitivy starts before TM Planning is performed. Given that I would assume that the warehouse is responsible for handling the execution data like packaging material used, weight and volume of HUs.

First question: Why would you want to change packing data in TM only? This would lead to different data in TM and EWM.

SAP way would be: reverse shipping readiness status in EWM, change packing data until correct and set shipping status again. This would lead to update of packing data in TM via BGRFC unit.

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Hi benditow,

Thanks for your reply. Currently, when we want to change the packaging information we're doing it the way you've described (reversing shipping readiness and doing it in EWM).

The need to change packaging information in TM comes from handling multiple deliveries in a single freight order. Each delivery is packaged individually in EWM (cross delivery packaging apparently isn't possible). Each delivery creates a freight unit which receives package information from EWM and then gets assigned to a single freight order. At that stage the workers can decide to pack all packages on a pallet or into one large package. That cross-delivery-packaging is possible in the freight order. What we would like to do is set one final weight for the main package according to what is measured on the scale the workers use.

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