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changing the layout format with key figure in row axis and key figure in column axis will improve the performance of data extraction in IBP.

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There are many cases when the IBP icon in excel got disable and need to enable everytime manually.

Also, macro-enable reports are taking way too long time which ends up in session this case changing the layout option will work ?

Or is there any other workaround for this ?

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Hello All,

Yes  Irmh, I meant with the IBP excel Add-on.

I will follow the process mentioned by Rinju...and agree with the Anna response as well that incase of crash and after restart if we select the option of disable then it will get disable and will require manual enabling.

Regarding the second query...I will get back with more information.



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I also don't understand the second part of the question (so as mentioned by Irmi, some more info would be good), but as for the first part with the add-in being disabled, I have experienced this also once.

This happens when an error occurs and excel crashes. After restarting the Excel it asks to disable the IBP add-in because of the previously encountered error. When I clicked disable, it continuously disabled the add-in every time I started excel again. 

This is some Microsoft functionality that I also did not find a solution for. However, uninstalling and re-installing the add-in solved the issue for good.
Lessons learnd: Never press "disbale add-In" when you are asked...

Is this the same situation that you were facing? Or is this happening independently from this?

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Regarding 'IBP Addin' disappears from the excel ribbon, as Anna mentioned if you select 'disable add-in' after an excel crash, then obviously add-in will be disabled. But after you manually enable it, it should work. If it does not work or even without any excel crash if you are not able to see the IBP addin and every time you need to manually enable it, then try following:

In your PC/Laptop, navigate to:

C:\Users\< your user_id>\AppData\Local\Programs\SAP BusinessObjects\IBP Add-In\AddInManager

(This path may change based on how you installed IBP addin)

Click on 'AddinManager.exe'. In the excel Add-in Manager, for entry 'FPMXLClient.Connect', select Load Mode as 'Auto Load'. The click 'Save'  button. Refer the below screen shot for details.

After that double click on 'RegAddin.exe'.

Hope it helps.



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I think I dont understand your request:

- what is the "IBP icon" ? Do you mean the ribbon disappear that comes with the addon?

- what kid of macros are you working with, maunally written VBA? recorded VBA? Others? I never experienced a time out when using VBA - macros as long as they are written properly

- why do you think change of layout would improve performance, did you test that? Can you share some screenshots? Would be interesting, for me it never did a measurable difference

And can you share the macros?

- do you work with charts?