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Changes to order are not transferred

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our PPDS users are facing an issue in Product Planning Table ( transaction /sapapo/ppt1).

When we create a planned order and convert to production orders, the system converts with out any issues.

After some time when we drag the production order to a new time ( in DS board), fix the order, then when we save, we get the message " Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred" and the order moves back to where it was... The # 100065265 is our production order in created status.

Looking at the error details, I thought there are some changes to the order being done in R/3, but there were no changes to that order in R/3 at that point and the same change, if done after some time goes through...

This is happening almost for every order and it's annoying to keep click ok on this order, wait and then reprocess again...some time we get the error multiple time before the system accepts the changes...

Any idea on what might be happening?

More details about the error,


Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred

Message no. /sapapo/cdpssimulati015


The changes made to the order 100065265 in SAP APO can not be transferred as the order has already been changed by the linked R/3 system

System Response:

If you have made minor changes to an order in SAP APO and changes to this order are simultaneously being transferred from the R/3 system, only the changes from the R/3 system are adopted. The changes you made to the order manually in SAP APO are lost

In technical information, I see the application area as /SAPAPO/SIMULATI, MESSAGE # 015 and main program SAPLSHL2.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It seems the production order details are getting updated in ECC with order related settings you maintained at ECC, like settlement profile, etc., During that time, if you try to change the production order in APO, since the ECC update for the order is not yet completed, it gives the error. Thats why after sometime, when you change the production order, it allows you to change.

Please try this, once you convert the order in APO, go to ECC and try to open the order in CO02 or CO03, it will give you an error the order is already being processed by XXXX. If so, then it is the time taking to update the production order in ECC.

Also, try this, once you convert the order, immediately save and after sometime you change the time.

Please check and revert.


Manimaran M.

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Hi manimaram,

Thanks for the reply. We know that the issue is probably because of some locking but wondering if this is an APO issue.

We found a job locking the orders in R/3 and correcting it.

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