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Change VMI_LOCID field

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Please suggest how to change value for the field VMI_LOCID in the table /SAPAPO/LOCMAP.



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In the master data maintained for idoc in APO system.

Following master data has been created ,

1. EDI_SHIPTO Ship to Party

2. EDI_SOLDTO Sold To Party

3. EDI_MAT1 Internal Material Number

4. EDI_CUSTMAT1 Customer Material Number.

When we are checking idoc for Inbound, it is showing error like Location is not found for Plant number EDI_SOLDTO of customer number EDI_SHIPTOu2019.with the original data Location for Sold-To Party = EDI_SOLDTO and Ext. Location Short Text = EDI_SHIPTO.

Then we change Location for Sold-To Party = EDI_SHIPTO and Ext. Location Short Text = EDI_SOLDTO. The result is successful generation of idoc.

I want to know what is the reason for original data was showing error?Can you please give full details.