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Change a Material A from Planning at APO( XO ) to MRP (PD)

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if i change a material from planning at APO to R3, what is the impact that i need to prepare ?

do i need to delete the planned order at APO for the material and set the deletion flag for the material at APO or delete the material.

Do i need to set a C5 to delete the APO planned order at R/3?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you change the material MRP type from X0 to PD, the integration model stops integrating the material between R/3 and APO meaning any changes done to the material or the BOM or routing or orders or any where the material is referenced is not integrated any more.

So, just to be safe, before changing the MRP type, go to transaction WUF ( where used Function) in APO and search for all orders.

Depending on your configuration, usually PPDS orders are set to immediate transfer to R/3 but SNP orders are set to periodic. So in both the cases, you have to delete the material using program /sapapo/rlcdelete with selection deletion in R/3 and APO or send deletion. If it is SNP order, you need to run the transaction /sapapo/C5 to push the changes/deletion.

Then you can change the MRP type to PD from X0.

So after you change the MRP type, create and activate your integration model again. Check in CFM2 to make sure the material is not being picked up any more by the relevant integration models.

Then it's up to you to keep or delete the APO product master.

The orders generated for this material are also no longer integrated.

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The post above is correct only if you use the MRP type as the criteria within your integration models.

MRP type X0 serves one purpose from an SAP point of view and that is that it doesn't plan in ERP.

How you choose to couple or de-couple this with integration model logic is a customer choice.

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