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CCR Error 381/ 282

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Recently we upgraded to SCM 5.1

When CCR is done for stock we get a strange error 381 & 382. Error shown in two categories. This happens only for Batch stock with Restricted use.

Product A - with CCR error 381 ( Missing in APO)

When this is pushed to APO, Restriced stock ( CK) is displayed in APO but error remains after iteration. It also throws susequent error for the same product A with error code 382 - Not in R3 and system ask me to delete in APO.

Note : At this stage CK stock for product A is available in both R3 and APO.

have anyone came across the same situation ? Let me knw how to resolve this.



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Hi Valavan,

1) Please check whether the stocks in restricted area are defined as available

in R/3 customisation. (under MRP > Planning > MRP calculation > stocks >

define availability)

2) Check in CFc9 transaction, check whether the re-read indicator is active

3) Check the enhancments for stocks under R/3 customisation.


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.