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CCR and Publication Settings

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Hello Everybody,

Could someone confirm if publication settings in APO in anyway influence the results of according CCR (or not).

Say I have no publication setting for sales orders.. what results will CCR show for sales orders whose active integration model exists and systems are physically different for some reasons (e.g. ECC- 100 sales orders, APO-106 sales orders).

My understanding is publication settings are meant to control what APO created/changed documents can be updated to ECC and thats to it. The report CCR will reconcile whatever data for which active models exist and results with/witout any entry in publication table would not be different



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Hi Loknath,

Your understanding is correct. Publication settings are to publish the transaction data created by APO to ECC. So if sales order is created by ECC and you have not maintained sales order publication still it will show in CCR. But if sales order is created in APO (e.g. in VMI scenario) and u have not maintained publication then it wont show in CCR.

So CCR, will include all the data which is created in ECC and APO (for which publication type exist) with active integration model.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,