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Capacity reservation in APO resource

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Hi Guys,

What is the use of capacity reservation, how this can be created from SNP .

Thanks and regards


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Answers (3)

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This button in the resource master is for importing the resource reservations from SNP.

But how do you create these for/in SNP? What tcode is used?

Like you mentioned, MTO is for PPDS only, so why would SNP have these resource reservations in the first place?

Ken Snyder

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Dear Thamizh,

yes You can import capacity reservation from SNP.

This is afuntionality introduced in SCM 5.1 only for PPDS where you can allocate Time capacity of the resourse to certain kinds of sales order based on some descriptive characterstics . This funtionality is usually used in MTO scenerio where sales order .

are the basisof planning.


Vaibhav Sareen

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Hi Thamizh,

Capacity reservation is a functionality which allows you to reserve capacity

on a resource in production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS), based

on descriptive characteristics. For example, you can reserve capacity on the

descriptive characteristic (KUNNR) so that the resource can be used for

customers with a higher level of service agreement.

Generally this is used in PPDS but you can import capacity reservation

proposals from SNP.

In the resource you can use the Capacity Reservation pushbutton, on the PP/DS

Bucket Capacity tab, which takes the user to a detail screen. On the detail screen

you can use the pushbutton Import Reservations from SNP that allows you to take

over the capacity reservations from SNP.


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.