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Capacity Planning

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What are the major differences between capacity planning in PP and capacity planning in PP/DS?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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In PP there are limited functionalities for capacity planning as compare with PPDS

In PPDS there are Advanced options in capacity planning

  • Constraint-based capacity planning, scheduling & optimization
  • Heuristic framework
  • Simulation versions and transactional simulation

“Pegging” - relationships can be created between product requirements and suitable receipts and Multilevel view of material and capacity availability

You can optimise production plans according to various criteria using optimisation algorithms

Optimization algorithm within the limits of detailed scheduling (minimizing setup times, setup costs, date delays, alternative selection of resource.

To schedule an operation from one alternative resource to another by drag & drop on the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board, in automatic rescheduling or optimization in case of overload, you have to add an alternative sequence to a routing with an alternative work center.

The layout of the planning board can be defined very flexible.

Alert Monitor - Dynamic exception messages (alerts)

Here are some benefits of standalone PPDS solution

  • Optimize the production schedule to maximize capacity utilization
  • Minimization of setup/change over times considering transition matrix
  • Use existing or own developed heuristics
  • What-if analysis and simulation
  • Flexible and graphical activity scheduling
  • Exception Management and Reporting

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