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Can we define forecast at distribution channel-product-location level?

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Dear all,

Can we upload/maintain forecast at distribution channel-product-location level without customer related level?



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Yes, it is possible to upload and maintain forecasts at the distribution channel, product, and location level without a customer-related level.

This can be done by using the forecast module in SAP's APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) application. In the forecast module, you can create and maintain forecasts at various levels of granularity, such as product, location, and distribution channel.

Additionally, you can also use the forecasting functions provided by the APO to generate forecasts automatically, based on historical data and other factors.

It should be noted that, while it is possible to maintain forecasts at a distribution channel-product-location level without a customer-related level, it may not always be the most effective way to do so, depending on the specific requirements of your business/Customer.