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Can I transfer batch avail. date (LOBM_VERAB) as stock avail. date into SCM via CIF ?

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We have CDP active and transfer Expiration Date to SCM ( LOBM_VFDAT ) . We only transfer Expiration Date to SCM. We calculate the Stock Availability date as a formuale: Expiration Date minus Total Shelf Life. Since LOBM_HSDAT is not filled, we avoid having stock date as 1.1.1970. Now we want to integrate for certain batches an availability date that corresponds to a future date, e.g like a maturation date of the batch. This is maintained in Batch Record in view: Basic Data 1on standard field: MCHA_VERAB. This should be reflected as the Stock Availability Date in SCM, so that PPDS or CTM planning is able to correctly peg the stock to requirments on the future date. BUt only for soem Batch Records we will have this field populated, for majority, this field will still be blank. So we need a selective process for this.

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