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Calendars and durations in GATP transportation and shipment scheduling

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Hi, Folks.

I have a business scenario with scheduling in GATP, and I'm having some trouble, 'cause the system response is different from what was configured. Probably I'm doing something wrong.

There are 3 requirements:

1) Plant will post good issue according to different calendars, depending on the route, or on the route for a certain customer. Examples: (a) for route 000021, plant delivers from mondays to fridays; (b) for route 000025, plant delivers only on day 15 of a month; (c) for route 000025 and customer 103105, plant delivers every tuesday.

2) There's a transit time for each route.

3) Customers will receive material only on calendar workdays, i.e., from mondays to fridays, except on holidays.

Configuration was made using CPS (Configurable Process Scheduling), schema SCHEDL_SDD. One activity was assigned for each requirement:

1) LOAD (Load), with the use CA-Calendar, for requirement 1

2) TRAN (Transport), with the use DU-Duration, for requirement 2

3) UNLD (Unload), with the use CA-Calendar, for requirement 3

For the 3 activities, access sequences are OK. All the conditions are correctly found and data is determined. The problem is with the calculations made, because, from what I could notice, combination of restrictions in two different calendars won't give me the expected results. UNLD calendar seems to be "stronger", and LOAD calendar is not obeyed.

Any ideas? I hope you people could help me with this.

Tks in advance.


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Dear Freire,

You can only use this schema SCHEDL_SDD for SAP CRM sales orders as of SAP CRM 5.0.

If you use this schema, the system skips the ATP check depending on the source determination due date/time. This means that the system does not perform an ATP check for requirements that lie far in the future, rather it does so first as part of backorder processing in SAP SCM when reaching the source determination due date/time.

For further help on this please check following links:

I hope this helps.