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bw-apo consultant roles n responsibilities?

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i am a bw consultant.i just want to know what are the roles n responsibilities of a bw-apo consultant.

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I am in a similar role right now. In this role, you might be in charge of any of the following:

1) Design and implementation of components for extraction of data from source systems and loading of data into APO structures. For example, in APO Demand Planning, sales history is retrieved from a source system (e.g. SAP ERP, Oracle, Flat File) and then placed into a temporary InfoCube in the APO server. The data from this InfoCube is then used to load data into the DP Planning Area. It can also be used to generate Characteristic Value Combinations (CVCs).

2) Design and implementation of components for extraction of data from APO structures (and then loading that elsewhere). For example, in APO Demand Planning, you will be in charge of extracting data from the Planning Area (using the datamart interface) and then processing that (e.g. aggregating/disaggregating the data into the required hierarchy level) or loading that to an external BW server (e.g. an Enterprise DW).

3) Reporting (i.e. using BeX)

For example, you might be asked to design reports in BeX that for example, might compute the discrepancy of the sales history VS the forecast..

There is usually a large volume of data that comes from APO and we have to make sure we manage the performance aspects.

In summary, I guess this is "typical" BW Consultant work except that you are dealing with an APO system as the target/source.

Hope this helps

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Hi Emmanuel,

thank you very much for the information.this is very useful to me.

have a great day.