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BSG and Product

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I have the same product PROD that's coming in from two different systems X and Y. Now if we have a user exit that attaches the system name at the end of the product so that we can identify the product source. So when coming from systemX, the product becomes PRODX and when coming form systemY, we get the product name as PRODY. I now have the products sources identifiable. But I have another problem that the system is considering these two as to different products and giving to separate forecasts and planned orders when I want only one. using BSG is becoming problem for me. Can somebody suggest me a solution for this problem?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you explain your process.

If there is only 1 product and 1 forecast and APO creates 1 planned order, do you want the planned order to cif across to both R/3 systems?

Ken Snyder

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Hi ken,

This is not how our system is setup but it's just my question. Here is some more explanation:

1. Two systems X and Y with the same product PROD

2. When the forecast is created, the demand planner needs to be able to distinguish the forecast for the product coming form each system

3. The forecast is still considered as a whole for the product PROD

4."do you want the planned order to cif across to both R/3 systems?", good question. That has an answer in it. If I want to CIF over the forecast and create planned orders separately, then the bsg what I mentioned above works.

What if I have to send it to CIF to only one system and not both?

Thanks for the help.

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Hello Raj -

Look at the following excerpt from

An SAP APO system is connected to several SAP R/3 systems. For some materials, different material numbers were assigned in the two SAP R/3 systems. The different material numbers should be mapped to one product number in the SAP APO system.

Example: A certain material has the material number A4711 in SAP R/3 system A. However, in SAP R/3 system B it has the material number B4711. Both material numbers should be mapped to the same product number in SAP APO.

Assign the two SAP R/3 systems to different business system groups. Assign SAP APO to one of these.

SAP R/3 system A ® BSG A

SAP R/3 system B ® BSG B


The SAP APO product number is A4711.

The conversion of the local SAP R/3 material number to the SAP APO product number takes place in the SAP APO system, using SAP enhancement APOCF005.

Hope this helps.


Suresh Garg

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